Jung-Sook Camilla Lee is a contemporary abstract artist who came full circle after a traditional career path, to pursue her childhood dream of being a painter.

"My emotional heart responds to the landscape.  My adventurous heart wants to see nature in a new way.  My rebellious heart wants to break with traditional Korean ink painting.  My whimsical heart wants the colors to collaborate and collide.

"I paint because, in the midst of the chaos and conflict of life, I look for serenity. Indeed, serenity is not dependent on circumstances but on a state of heart. As I balance East with West, I use luminous hand-mixed oil colors to capture the tranquility of the lyrical flow of shapes."

"Combining techniques of classical Korean ink paintings with luminous oil paints, I weave lines and shapes to create juxtaposition of different cultures representing tensions and harmonies. This is the reflection of my life journey."

Born in Seoul, Korea, Jung-Sook Camilla Lee spent formative years in Europe and the United States. Her past career in finance, teaching, as an author and executive coach give her deeper insights to life for her artistic expression that resonate with many.